How do I turn my Midifile into an Audio file on a self-burned Audio CD ? 

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Hello all,
I am often asked how you can convert your homemade Music Piece/Midifile to an Audio file.
Please also put it on a nice CD so that family and friends can enjoy your Music Arts.
Below is a step-by-step explanation of how you can do this easily and cheaply. Good luck.

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  • There are programs that automatically convert Midi files to Wave files. These are only demo versions
    (max 30 seconds recording for example)
    Wingroove and Virtual Sound Canvas are examples of this.
    But we want to try it out ourselves and buying programs is always possible, right?

  • I assume that you use the "Wavetable" or sound bank of your sound card yourself!
    If you use an external Midi instrument as a sound source, such as a Keyboard or Midi module, you make a cable connection.

    "Audio out" of the Keyboard animpijlr "Line in" of your Soundcard

  • Carry out everything else as described above.

  • For clarity. Mega Soundrecorder Free is not a program that converts Midi to Audio.
    The program records all sounds that "he" hears on the computer. So in this case the Midifile that is being played
    by a sequencer (or an ordinary Midi player). (So don't connect a microphone, because he can hear that too).

Goodluck !
;-) Jan the Midiot.