So, what fun Midi programs are there.
Preferably free. Can we first tinker before we start spending a lot of savings.

Here are a few Midi programs worth checking out:


Quartz AudioMaster 4.6

With Quartz Audiomaster you can make a lot of fun Midi files using a 16-track Midi sequencer.
You can also change these Midi files and if this is not all you can also use it as an audio recorder.

What's in it:


16 tracks Midi
4 Tracks Audio
Also suitable for Windows 9.x/ME/2000/NT/XP
Size: 2.9 MB

quartz audio free

The program is Freeware (hurrah) and can be downloaded at Digital Soundplanet


Van Basco's Karaoke Player

This is also a very nice Midi program and again FREEWARE. Click here to download Van Basco's Player.
vanBasco's Karaoke Player is a MIDI program that plays Karaoke (.kar) and standard MIDI (.mid, .midi, .rmi) files.


vanbasco player

The Karaoke player has several menus:
The "Karaoke Window", here change the number of text lines, font, color.
The "Control Window", here change tempo, volume, pitch
The "Real-time Midi Output Window", shows notes, volume and instruments.
"Piano View", shows notes on a large piano keyboard.

Well worth playing with.




The Miditzer

A very nice virtual theater organ is the "Miditzer"
or a combination of Midi & Wurlitzer.
It's Freeware and your desktop turns into a Wurlitzer style216 theater organ with registers and combination buttons.
by means of our Midi you can control it in real time.
Miditzer banner3


The UVI Player of Ultimate Soundbank

A nice VST tool is Universal UVI player from Ultimate Soundbank.
You can use this as a VSTi plugin, but also on its own (standalone).


uviplayer You can download the UVI player for free with 5 great
demo soundbanks. i.e.

"Retro Organs" including the beautiful Hammondsample Baby Jazz. (94 MB)
"Synths Anthology" (130 MB)
"X-Treme FX" (130 MB)
"Mayhem of Loops" (40 MB)
"Retro Keyboards" (330 MB)

"UVI-player" is for the PC 20 MB & for the Mac 56 MB.

Click here to go to Ultimate Soundbank's site and download the demo soundbanks. And the Player, of course.



There are still many programs to discuss, but I think it would be most useful to mention a few websites that are worth checking out.
View them, download them and enjoy all the beauty Midi has to offer us.


Keep in mind that there are also Midi programs that are ad-ware or spyware.
These are programs that are free to use, but at the same time secretly look at what your surfing behavior is. Can they send advertising that apparently interests you.
Shareware are programs that you can use for a certain period of time or for a limited time. After that you have to pay for it.
At least if you want the full version.


Usually, when it isn't, they proudly state that it is adware or spyware free.


ster Harmony Central "Jammer Professional", "Freestyle Demo", "Anvil Studio" etc.
ster GN Midi Freeware Little Miditools for the PC
ster Hubi's Midi Programma's "Hubi's Midi Loopback", "Midi TransformatoR", "Simple sampler" etc.
ster Midi-OX A versatile Midi diagnosis and System Exclusive program.
Intelliscore Can convert Wave/Mp3 to Midi, among other things (shareware)
ster C-net Several Midi-programs
ster Jazz++ "Open Source" free Midi Sequencer for Windows and Linux
ster Roni Music Sweet Midi Player and Sweet Sixteen Midi Sequencer
ster Synthzone Utilities a Lot of links to beautiful Midi programs of which a lot Freeware
ster Winamp A music player on which you can also play Midi Files
ster Mega Sound Recorder Free A sound recording program with which you can also record Midi files.
ster Free Music Software Lots of free Midi software, sequencers, Vst and other Midi software



Midi Software, VST hosts and VST Plugins  ( what is VST ? )


ster Hermann Seib VST Host VST Host for PC
ster Defective Records VST Host VST Host for MAC
ster Hermann Seib SAVI Host Savi Host for PC to make VSTi's standalone
ster ORGANized trio  The Hammond plugin ORGANized trio - version 3.1
Soundfonts - VST plugins  Other nice plugins



Midi Software for the Pocket PC


ster Griff Music Studio Sequencer An Audio sequencer where you can also export Midi files
ster GS player for Midi Freeware a Freeware Midispeler
ster IntelliArt Midi Player Pocket Gear a Trial Midiplayer (so pay later)
ster Midnote van PDA Musician A Midi notation program for the Pocket PC
MidiFile Player A standard Midifile player offered by Han D Solutions