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The occurring problem::
Midi on Windows Vista and Windows 7


Vista and W7 are often a 64-bit version and Midi seems to not want to work with that before.
Some importers still write good drivers for a Midi device on earlier 64bit computers, but without updates this is often an extra challenge.

Here are a few testimonials from fellow Midi users..


The experiences of others:

  • Windows 7 also exists in a 32-bit version. This is where the Windows XP drivers seem to work.

  • The disadvantage with a 32-bit system is that your RAM supports a maximum of 3 GB. (important for VSTis anyway)

  • You can create a dual-boot system on your computer or, for example, Windows Vista together with Windows XP. Can stay the Midi on XP nicely.

  • MOTU Midi interfaces do work. like the MOTU Micro Lite.

  • The MIDI interface Roland Cakewalk/Edirol 2g, 3g, 2ex and 3ex seem to work fine with 32 bits and 64 bits.

  • There are (often cheap) interfaces that don't need drivers (they say).
    You could try but I've already thrown some away because they were interfering.

  • You can install a virtual XP mode in Windows7. Can be found on the Windows website. Here you can use the XP drivers again..

  • (german) talks about the "Putzlowitschs Vista MIDI-Mapper Control-Panel Version" for Vista or W7

  • Vista requires tinkering in the registry. That's not easy. A program has been made to quickly find the right registry key,
    called Midi Device Picker. Keep an eye on. Changing in a register is risky !!

  • There is also "Vista Midi Tool" This fixes your standard Midi Output.

  • Another program is "Vista Midi Picker". (freeware) This creates a different Midi-Output (Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 required)

  • Take a Mac ;-)  (Yes, I can come up with such an answer too, pfff....)



ESI MidiMate eX USB 2.0 (1 midi-in and 1 midi-out) is a USB-Midi interface
which is also compatible from Windows Vista.


This is already for sale around 25 euros.


1x1 emu midi interface



Below you will find a number of information sources:


Sources of information: (Vista Miditool)


The latest updates of Windows 7 are quite good. Everything works "Plug and Play" and there are few problems.

Windows 10 works very well. Of course there are still challenges, but most of the time you can find the right drivers.