Hallo Fellow Midiots & Midifriends.

We've already tried everything and working with Midi just won't work. Very annoying.
So we have to do something about that. On the internet you often find pages that work with "Troubleshooting".

Please note, this page only contains advice and is therefore not binding and absolute. Everything you do with Midi is of course at your own risk

We will try to cover many Midi questions in general here.
Of course I understand that there are also problems with a particular keyboard, but that will be too much to deal with. Each Midi-Keyboard is different with its settings and of course I have no knowledge of all types of Keyboards and modules. However, I will try to deal with general Keyboard questions.

But we try to collect good information as clearly as possible to make Midi as fun as possible for everyone. Because that's the point, right?

Before you look further for questions, I would like to refer you to
Jan's Midifaq's & Jan's Miditips.
There is already a lot of information here that could answer your question.
I will of course not discuss these questions and tips here.

If it is difficult to connect Midi to the computer, look at
Jan's Midi-connectpage




example Midifile

Now try playing the "Example Midifile" here. Do you hear a melody playing?
If so, your computer is PROPERLY playing a MIDIFILE.

Click here to download a Midifile, start it up nad listen if you hear the music.

Your Midi sound card (Wavetable) or Midi output (Midi out) of the computer is OK.


Can't hear anything? Then test whether the sound on your computer does indeed work.

What you hear, after pressing the play button, is an audio file and not a Midi file.



Let's look at the folllowing "Probleem" of Problem in English


probleem 1   My Midi doesn't do anything on the computer at all

Is Midi installed on the computer?
If you have a sound card and it is of course installed, then it is usually fine, but we will try it first.

First, download Midi Monitor. click on "Midimon" (24 KB) to download this.

On the right you see an image of Midimon.
This program displays all incoming Midi signals such as:

  • Note on (key is pressed)
  • Note off (key is released)
  • Program Change (other sound selected)
  • and of course much more.

This way you can immediately check whether the Midi is controlled from your keyboard.

Check "Options" if it doesn't work right away if Midi-in and Midi-out are selected.


De beschrijving heb ik in het Nederlands vertaald en is bijgevoegd.
Klik hier
als je de Nederlandse handleiding wilt lezen.

probleem 2   Well, he does nothing .......

Okay, then let's see if Midi is installed on your computer.
We assume that you are working with Windows.
Windows XP works slightly differently than Windows 9x (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE.......)

We'll start with the older Windows 9x

We click with the right mouse button on the icon "My Computer"
Then we get a gray Submenu and we can choose "properties".

We click on the "Device Manager" tab.

We look at "Sound, video and game controllers".

Is your sound card installed here?
If not, that will have to be done first.

Fortunately .... My sound card is installed.
Now the next step.
Go to the start menu, click "Settings" and "Control Panel"

We are now in the Control Panel and choose the icon "Multimedia"

Select the "Midi" tab and see if your Midi output is installed.
For me it's called "SB AudioPCI 128 MIDI synth"
But this can of course be called differently.

That depends on the name of the sound card.



With Windows XP ?

Go to the start menu, click on "Settings" and then choose "Control Panel".
Now choose "Sounds and Audio Devices".

Now we get the properties for Sounds and audio devices.
Click the "Audio" tab and look under "MIDI Music Playback".
This way you can see what your Midi output is or who determines the sound.
The sound bank (Wavetable) from the sound card or the Midi output (Midi out) to your keyboard.

To do this, press the gray button next to the text (with the black V).

Now you probably get several choices for Midi output.
Try them all and see if this works.


probleem 3   Everything is installed but it still doesn't work.

Now let's look at the source. The Keyboard or Music keyboard.

As I said I can't go into details because every brand of keyboard is different but we do our best.

Most keyboards have a Midi menu. This is usually called:

  • Mid menu
  • MIDI Settings
  • MIDI Devices
  • MIDI Setup

Here you can often choose how you want the Midi to be output.

1. Omni On, Poly: Receives all information on all channels, Polyphonic (multiple tones at the same time)
2. Omni On, Mono: Receives all information on all channels, Monophonic (you can only play one note at a time)
3. Omni Off, Poly: This receives only one chosen Midi channel, Polyphonic.
   (Commonly used professionally with sequencers)
4. Omni Off, Mono: This receives only one chosen Midi channel, plays only one note on this channel.

Sometimes also talked about Polymode, Monomode, Omnimode.

If your keyboard is set to Mono(mode) or the choice is set to "OFF" then you better choose Poly or Omni mode and then of course to "ON".

probleem 4   I don't have a sound card but work with a USB Midi interface.

As I said at the beginning, first check the Midi connection page, if that's all right we'll continue.

Please note that USB devices, which are sometimes not immediately recognized during installation (sometimes also with Windows XP), require a correct driver. Of course we have this driver on the enclosed CD.

If Windows XP cannot find the driver or if the driver has to be installed in Windows 9x, the computer may have to be restarted twice.
The first time the computer found a USB interface and the second time the computer found a USB MIDI interface. So, read carefully while installing.

The installation file is often a file with the extension "INF", so for example "midiusb.inf".

Of course you can now see the Midi connection of the USB in the "Midi properties" on the computer.
Click on one of the following 2 links to scroll back on this page.
Now, for example, it should say: "Out-A USB Midisport 2x2"

probleem 5   Midi will not work on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Windows 7 and older computers often have that problem
That is why a separate page has been dedicated to this.
Please note, this page only contains advice from others and is therefore not binding and absolute.

Click here to go to the problem page with e.g. Vista and W7