How to start with MIDI ?

Hello my Midi friends.


You've heard a lot about Midi and it seems great to work with it. But .....
you are bursting with questions, such as:


  • What is MIDI ?

  • How do you connect it?

  • What kind of programs do I need?

  • Everything connected and program installed, nothing works!

  • Everything works but I would like to know more about Midi ?

  • take your time









And of course there are many more questions.

Almost everything is discussed on Jan's Midipage, but we will make a step-by-step plan here.



stap1: What is MIDI ?

First, of course, we want to know what Midi actually means. What does Midi mean and what can you do with it.

click on the link: Wat is Midi ?


stap2: How do you connect it?

Now that we know what Midi is, we would like to use it, but how do you connect the Midi to your organ/keyboard/synthesizer etc.?

click on the link: Jan's Midi connectionpage !


stap3: What kind of programs do I need?

Now that everything is connected, we also want to try it out.
There are of course beautiful and extensive Midi programs, but we want to try it out first with cheap (preferably free) programs.

click on the link: Jan's Midi Softwarepage !



stap4:  Everything connected and program installed, nothing works!   fout3



Well, actually skip this topic. We assume that this is not the case.
Midi is easy to install and works almost immediately. But the subject matters.

Click on the link: Jan's Troubleshootpage. (skip it if not necessary).


stap5: Everything works but I would like to know more about Midi !

Everything is running, congratulations. Now it's time to enjoy. But you soon want to know more about Midi and you are still bursting with questions.

There are several pages to be found on Jan's Midipage, such as:


stap6: take your time

Take your time, calmly dig through Jan's Midipage. Don't try to understand everything at once.
Uncalled for. It should be and remain a fun hobby. There is plenty to find and read on Jan's Midipage. Click on all links.




Good luck !!



Jan R.