Searching for a Midifile ? Read the following tips !


verdrietig1 First of all the following problem !!!

I often get the request to email a Midifile.
As much as I want it. IT'S NOT ALLOWED.
It has even happened that I have been checked whether I also keep to the agreements.

So I'll do my best to provide everyone with tips as best as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience. That's just the way it is.    Also read my Copyright page ...=>





Can't find a Midi file?

Is the Midifile a cover of a foreign (original) song.
The music stays the same, right?
or try a Midifile search engine

For example 



Or simply directly via Van Basco's Search engine

searchbox Typ artist or Midifile:



A slightly more difficult way to find or request a Midifile is via Newsgroups.
A newsgroup is a kind of forum where people discuss and share interests.
Binaries are attachments that are often added in these newsgroups. (e.g. Midi files).

A good example is: news:alt.binaries.sounds.midi

How to work with newsgroups ? Have a look at Jan's Miditips