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Roffel Media Entertainment, RME, is a company that provides various services..

For example, RME works on:

- Arranging and giving Theater organ events (including concerts)
- Taking care of small productions, with or without the support of instrumental accompaniment by means of including a large collection of Virtual Studio Technology
For example, RME owns a small recording studio that is suitable for recording productions of one to two-person artists.
It is also possible to record remotely via the internet.
More information can be found here or via the Main link of Roffel Media Entertainment

The RME studio works with the following software, among others

- Cubase 12 Pro
- VST Connect Pro 5.5.20
- Native Instruments Komplete 13
- Nexus 4
- Hauptwerk VII Advanced
- Lots of VST instruments and VST effects

Contact is currently via a limited circle




Roffel Media Entertainment







VST is an abbreviation of Virtual Studio Technology.
Steinberg (of Cubase) is the developer of this.
The audio software in Cubase is enriched with plugins
(programs/modules processed in Cubase).
This gives you real-time beautiful extensions that you can add to your Cubase sequences or play with it yourself.

Instead of buying expensive Studio Modules or Synthesizers, Pianos or Hammond Organs, you can purchase Virtual Instruments.


You put it on the computer as software and often you can find very nice instruments with lots of buttons and controls on the screen.
The possibilities are enormous.

And ..... a lot of this software is often free


Here you will find everything about the operating system for musical instruments.

Ideal for: 

- the MIDI novice

- the MIDI enthusiast

- the MIDI curious

- the MIDI hobbyist

- the one who likes to make a lot of music at home....

- .... but does not have enough space and money  




Why this site ?

This website is a project page where I research what is possible with different systems.

I can then use this for other websites.
For example, an organ wikipedia is under construction and Jan's Midipage is also hosted here.

Roffelpage is therefore a "projects in development page".


J Roffel webmaster