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RME Studio works with Cubase 11 Pro, together with VST Connect Pro 5, so there are many possibilities to create a beautiful music production.

The VST Performer is a free application from Steinberg with which you as a customer can connect to Roffel Media Entertainment Studio via the internet.

This way you can listen to the production and recordings at home and play along live while your music is recorded remotely.
You can also talk to us and see each other.

Steinberg has a program that allows you to communicate and record remotely, called VST Connect.

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To Download

VST Performer is available for Mac, PC and iPad

For the iPad you can download the app from the App Store.

For Mac and PC you can go to the Steinberg Download page


The most recent version is 5.5.10
If you work under Windows 10 or the latest version for Mac, you can use this one.


If you are working with an older operating system, such as Windows 7, it is better to use an older version.


Startup VST Connect Performer

Once downloaded and installed, VST Connect Performer will start up as follows:


The old version:

There is a new version that looks different, but the operation remains the same.

You will receive a KEY Code from us that you can enter in the "KEY" field.
These are usually two rows of numbers with a space between them (See also example)
This is located at the top right of the "Network login" menu

Then press the symbol button next to the Key code you entered

Program has started

Did everything succeed ? Then the VST Connect Performer will look like this

  • A green light will show that you are connected (CON) and the two buttons to the right of the login entry fields will light up blue.
  • The blue LAN light will light up when the connection is established in the local network of RME Studio.
    So you will not see this often.
  • You can see a videoscreen of us if you want.
    This will then appear in the screen "No Signal"
    You can see yourself in the bottom right corner (if you have a camera)
    Of course we see it the other way around.


During the recording

During recording, the green PLAY light and the red REC light will also light up.


The following types of recordings are possible:

  • Audio recording with microphone
  • Audio recording through your computer's line input
  • Midi recording via your Midi Keyboard or Organ
  • VST instrument recording via your Midi Keyboard or Organ



You do not hear any sound ?

It may happen that above your sliders no connection has been made with your sound driver.
In that case it says <nc> or "Not Connected"

Click on the <nc> and choose your sound driver (In this case ASIO4ALL v2: Stereo)

ASIO4ALL is a great driver for most of us if you don't have a specific ASIO driver.
You can download it HERE.

Once installed you will find it (on Windows) at the bottom right of your screen, next to the Date and Time message.



Double-click on the green button and you will get the ASIO4ALL control screen.

Make sure that the relevant "Device" has been activated. The button is lit in light blue.

Information and issues

You will find an English manual in your installation folder of VST Performer.

There are also various YouTube videos that can help you set up VST Connect Performer.





Chris Selim - Mixdown Online


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Good luck and enjoy recording.
We hope to make a beautiful recording with you

The RME- team.




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